Tristan Pang

Tristan Pang
New Zealand
Name: Tristan Pang
Age: 13
Location: New Zealand
The Innovation:
Created free online learning platform (Tristan’s Learning Hub), delivered TEDxYouth speech. Tristan is an inspirational speaker, interested in the relationships between light and energy, and is also interested in quantum physics and time travel, as well as how the human body and mind works.
Brief Bio:
Tristan Pang, aged 13, is a boy who aspires to make a difference to the world. He has already achieved a great deal which seems only to spur him on to greater heights. Tristan was born in the United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand when he was four years old. He self-studied and completed Cambridge A levels when he was only 11, obtaining A* (the highest grade) as his final grade. He then went on to become the youngest maths student at the University of Auckland.
Tristan is the founder of Tristan’s Learning Hub, where he teaches maths from Year 1 to Year 13. Tristan delivered a TED talk when he was 11, the youngest TEDx talk speaker in New Zealand. He has since delivered numerous inspirational talks at schools, educational conferences, organisations and institutions.
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Tristan started exploring academic subjects from age two. He simply ignored the year levels and kept exploring upwards in a very in-depth manner. As a result of this continual learning and constant upward trajectory, he was able to cover all high school maths by age 5. He finds it’s like reading a story book, he just can’t put the book down and is always keen to find out what comes next in the story. Tristan calls this “In-depth Vertical Learning”.
In response to a request from students at some schools to help them with their maths, Tristan embarked on a project to build a website entitled Tristan’s Learning Hub. He presents maths concepts in video format strand by strand without labelling the year levels in order to remove the psychological barrier of the learners. This free digital learning platform is very well-received by both children and adults alike.
Interactive function will be added in 2015 to make learning maths fun.