Sharen S

Sharen S

Name: Sharen S
Location: Newark, NJ
The Innovation: Wellness system based on emotions expressed as physical sensations
Brief Bio: Sharen, 19, a young entrepreneur and author hails from the Western Ghats of India from a quaint town called Coonoor. He completed his schooling in India and became a Research Scholar at World Institute for Scientific Exploration, Baltimore, US. Also, a Software Developer at V Innovation, Newark, NJ. He represented Newark, USA as a United States delegate at the 8th Global Summit (Vibrant Gujarat) held at Gujarat, India from 10th-13th January 2017 invited by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi. At present, he is a student pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at Indian Institute of Advanced Research at Gujarat, India. Sharen’s talent for words that excite, educate and persuade all at once has made him write a thoughtful book called “The Never Ending Trail” in the year 2016 is available worldwide and also has other prodigious levels of achievements. A passionate dancer, orator, scribble artist and a tech geek. Concisely an all-rounder. He aspires to become a business tycoon in the field of innovative science and technology and serve society in the future.
Developments: The Wellness System and EI Probe have been conceptually developed. The software is comprised of two software modules that have very different functions, yet operate as each other’s complement. This fully integrated software runs on your smartphone and interfaces with your smartwatch through an API or application program interface. Patterns of inner felt emotions express in our bodies as physical sensations. Fear contracts, sadness burns and rejection blocks. These can be felt profusely in different emotional responses and in health conditions, even before disease arises. We don’t recognize the interference-patterns that our emotions produce, hence they disrupt our inner balance and peace. As emotions dynamically arise, the EI-Probe assists in learning how to recognize, process and integrate mostly disruptive emotional patterns. This significantly enhances the user’s emotional intelligence and impacts his her quality of life experience, contributing to a sense of balance, peace and inner joy.