Dominic B

Benjamin Stern

Name: Dominic B., Age 11
Location: Oregon
The Innovation: Pet and plant care, mail pick-up
Brief Bio: Youth can be fearless and creative innovators. Dominic ran a “slug be-gone business” in kindergarten and first grade. He has run lemonade, snow cone, and produce stands. His magic shows have been requested for neighborhood parties. His reliability makes him sought out by neighbors to pick up mail and packages, water plants and care for pets including several cats, guinea pigs, fish, and chickens.
Developments: Dominic would like to sell his art and wants to sell balloon animals at his magic shows. He dreams of selling his dragon, airplane, and spaceship brick build ideas to Lego.

Dominic selects and repackages seasonal local organic produce. He connects with his customers to take orders in advance and arranges delivery, sometimes assembling a stationary or mobile stand.

He has built flutes from bamboo in his backyard and recently constructed a trombone from PVC pipe, tape and a discarded lampshade.