Sushmitha Chandrasekaran

Benjamin Stern

Name: Sushmitha Chandrasekaran
Location: Omaha, NE
The Innovation: Sustainability, communal effort of sourcing locally to minimize plastic waste
Brief Bio: Born in Chennai, India Sushmitha solved a resource problem by focusing on local sustainability innovation. Now living in Omaha, Nebraska, she has grown a passion to help the environment by reducing single use packaging. The youth group members of the Hindu Temple of Omaha alongside Sushmitha sold milk bought from local farmers during the Shivarathri event. The goal was to minimize plastic use while providing a locally sourced product as well as raising funds for the Temple’s management.
Developments: Following the success of this community event, Sushmitha’s innovation has set the stage for the Hindu Temple to continue on this sustainable path to reduce waste while supporting local businesses. Sourcing locally has many environmental benefits such as reducing the carbon footprint that is associated with transport and delivery as well as strengthening bonds between consumers and customers while fostering a healthy lifestyle. She is attending Creighton University and studying Health Administration and Policy while on the Pre-Medicine track.